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You’ve heard from the scientists who say that to avert the worst effects of the climate crisis, carbon emissions must be cut in half by 2030. You’ve heard from politicians who say that supporting the rapid growth of renewables and energy efficiency is essential, even though this support cannot solve the climate problem alone.

Now hear directly from the leaders who are fighting – and winning – the battle for a fossil free future.

Dispatches from the Frontlines features voices of people on the frontlines, for whom the expansion of the oil and gas industry is a matter of life and death. This includes young people fighting for their future, indigenous people defending their land and water, black and brown people living in the shadow of the industry’s operations, and people who are not responsible for global warming but who bear the brunt of its effects. The truth is that in the climate crisis, we are all on the frontline; none of us can escape the impacts of climate change. Together, we can avert the worst of it.

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The leaders fighting – and winning – the battle for a fossil free future.


Equation Campaign
Funding movements on the ground to keep fossil fuels in the ground. https://equationcampaign.org
Katie Redford
Executive Director of Equation Campaign, human rights and environmental lawyer who has spent her career fighting to protect human rights over corporate rights and demanding that laws serve people over profits.